Business and Accounting Graduate Uses Education to Earn Two Promotions


In an amazing tour de force, $$Lexington Campus graduate Formeka Ross earned her degree with a double major in business administration-management and accounting while raising twin boys and working full time – but her accomplishments don’t end there.

She was hired by Traxx Shell while still a student at American National University, where her dedication to her job and her business know-how enabled Formeka to earn two promotions, from customer service representative to assistant manager, then to store manager in just a year and a half.—

“Now that I have to keep up with inventory and balancing money, basically everything I’ve learned so far [in class], I’m using on a daily basis,” Formeka said. “Because of [my degree], I was interviewed for the assistant manager’s position, and now [I’ve been promoted] to manager three months later.”

[img]While Formeka is happy to have realized her goal of earning a college degree and finding her niche in the business world, the journey hasn’t always been an easy one. “I had been enrolled at ANU previously – but finding out I was the soon-to-be mother of twins temporarily side-tracked my college plans,” she explained.

She credits her admissions representative, Earlane Cox, with helping her to stay determined and focused when she returned to ANU to complete her program. “I told Earlane, ‘I’m hoping to finish this time,’ and he said, ‘No. You will finish this time,’” she recalled. “I [remembered] that every day when I was tired, when I was angry, when I was frustrated. He said ‘I will,’ and I did, so those little words stuck with me. He gave me a reason to fight.”

Formeka’s degree from ANU and her new career have allowed her to create a better life for her twins. Her next goal is to become a general manager, where she’ll supervise the managers of multiple stores.

A- $$Lexington Campus graduate Formeka Ross received two promotions in less than two years at Traxx Shell where she now works as the store manager.

B- Formeka is constantly calling upon the skills that she gained in her business administration-management and accounting programs to keep the Traxx Shell location that she manages running smoothly.

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