Bartlett and Memphis Campuses Celebrate the Success of the Class of 2013


On Wednesday, May 22nd, the $$Bartlett and $$Memphis Campuses came together to celebrate the success of the Class of 2013 during a commencement ceremony at The Agricenter.

Ernest Strickland, director of economic development for the Greater Memphis Chamber, was the commencement speaker.  Mr. Strickland shared with the graduates that there are really only four jobs in the world:  the Thinker, the Builder, the Improver, and the Producer.  “With this degree, you have been given new knowledge [and] new information.  You have been exposed to concepts and new ideas,” he said.  “Now, it’s up to you.  Which of the four jobs will you perform?  The choice is yours.”

[img] Awards were presented during the graduation ceremony to graduates who excelled in their programs as family and friends cheered them on.  Michelle Wray-Sutton, a graduate of the business administration-management program, received the $$Bartlett Campus Leadership Award and the Joseph E. Hurn Award, which is presented to a graduate for high academic achievement.  Michelle, who sang a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem to open the ceremony, served as the student activities committee president at the $$Bartlett Campus.  She said that she was shocked and thankful to receive the awards. 

“I put a lot of hard work into not only into my studies, but also the campus,” she recalled.  “I would reach out to a student that was having a rough time or feeling a little troubled.   I tried to be positive as much as I could, and motivate as many as I could.”

Michelle is working as the office manager at Truelove’s In-Home Health Care, where she was hired two weeks before graduation. 

  1. Michelle Wray-Sutton is pictured on the left with Bartlett campus director Lottie Minor at the 2013 graduation ceremony.
  2. Director of economic development for the Greater Memphis Chamber Ernest Strickland is pictured speaking to graduates of the Memphis and Bartlett campuses.
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