Avoid These 3 Basic Interview Question Pitfalls


Avoid These 3 Basic Interview Question Pitfalls
Mary Eileen Williams

You have been called in for a job interview and want to be at your best. Naturally, you have studied the position description and have created several examples highlighting ways you've made a positive impact using the skills required in the posting. You have also prepared focused responses that feature your in-depth knowledge of the company, the competition and any recent developments in the field. And you have thought of ways to address and overcome any objections that might serve to eliminate you from the running.

Yet there are three basic interview questions that can really trip you up. Although they appear deceptively simple, these commonplace inquiries could lead to potential pitfalls — an outcome you'll want to be sure to avoid!

#1 Background probe

Most interviewers begin the conversation with an open-ended question to get you talking about yourself…


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