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ANU’s Stackable Degree Programs

In today’s world, many people wanting to earn their degrees must work full-time to support themselves or their families and trying to fit education into their already-tight schedules may seem impossible to do. However, with American National University’s 100% online programs, we provide those who are looking to earn their education without having to disrupt their already busy lives. ANU is here to help those looking to either join new careers or move up in their fields and we make that even easier with our stackable degree programs. Our students can start in our diploma programs and continue to earn all the way up to their master’s degree! If you’re just starting out in your higher education or looking to continue what you already have, look no further than our stackable programs to get you on your way to higher ventures faster.

What is a Stackable Degree Program?

The U.S. Department of Labor sees a program as stackable when it is part of “a sequence of credentials that can be accumulated over time to build up an individual’s qualifications. Typically, stackable credentials help individuals move up a career ladder or along a career pathway to different and potentially higher-paying jobs.”

With our programs, you can enter the workforce you desire without having to dedicate several years and loss of work and time with your family to a four-year institution. With our accelerated programs, you can earn a diploma with us in as little as ten months to enter the field you desire. And you can continually earn from a diploma, to an associate degree, to a bachelor’s, to finally a master’s, all at ANU! Or, with applicable transfer credits from another institution, you can earn your associate, bachelor’s, or master’s with us as well!

What Are Stackable Degrees I Can Earn at ANU?

At ANU, we offer many different avenues for students to earn their degrees in the fields they desire. From health sciences to business to IT programs, we give students many opportunities to enter a new career or boost their resume for the field they’re in. Here are some of the paths you can take when you decide to start your educational journey, or choose to earn higher degrees to level-up in your field.

  • Health Sciences: Within our many health sciences programs, there are many routes you can take to move up within our stackable degree programs.
    1. If you’re looking to get started in the medical field, you can get your foot in the door by joining our Medical Billing and Coding diploma program. If you still want to continue to move up in the field, you can join our Health Information Management associate degree program if you enjoy the technical side of healthcare, with software programs and electronic records. Or you could join our Medical Assisting associate degree program if you like to be more hands on with patient care and interacting with those who come across physician offices and hospitals. With both of those associate degrees, you could join our Medical Health Services Management bachelor’s degree program to earn your way up into a leadership or managerial position. All of this can lead to our Master of Business Administration program so that you move even higher into managing physician offices.
    2. If you can attend classes at our Pikeville, Kentucky campus, you can become an RN at our Pikeville campus with our Nursing associate degree program. And that can take you to our RN to BSN program, where you will learn more about the nursing field and gain more opportunities to move into leadership roles. And your RN to BSN will allow you to enroll in our MBA program as well, where we have healthcare specializations.
  • Business: As American National University was originally named National Business College, we have had over 130 years to create business programs that can stack together so you can grow in your career.
    1. We have business programs in the associate degree level, Business Administration Management and Business Administration Accounting, that can get your foot in the door to the realm of business. You will learn the basics of business so that you can move into our bachelor’s programs in Business Administration Management or Business Administration Accounting. And with those two programs, you can jump into our MBA program to jump into managerial and leadership positions in your career.
    2. Our Paralegal associate degree program can be a foothold into the legal world. And with the legal knowledge you’d have from that program, you could enter either of our bachelor’s business programs, which will finally lead to our MBA program as well!
  • Information Technology: If you’re looking to get into the growing world of technology, we have the options you will need to get in a developing field.
    1. Join our Network Support associate degree program so you can get your foot into the door of technology by learning the basics of computer programming. This can lead you to our Network Administration bachelor’s degree program, which will give you more insight into development and technology. Or you can join our Cybersecurity bachelor’s degree program and join the exciting and needed world of keeping businesses and institutions systems safe.
    2. With those bachelor’s degree programs, you can either earn your master’s in cybersecurity to enter more competitive roles and work for larger corporations in securing their businesses. Or join any of our other IT master’s programs – like Information Technology, Software Development, or Computer Science and Engineering – so that you can earn more in a field that is only going to grow as more and more technology is created.

If you’re already established in a career but looking to bolster it without having to attend a full degree program, we also offer certificate programs 100% online. Click here to read more about these programs that we offer than can give your resume the boost you’re looking for in the health sciences or business fields! From adding Phlebotomy and ECG Technician as one of your certifications in the health sciences field or focusing on accounting in the business world, we have many different ways to grow your experience, education, and resume.

Why Should I Choose ANU for Stackable Degree Programs?

In 2013, Tia Macklin-Vemba graduated from ANU with her associate degree in Business Administration Management. It set her up to work a currently successful career in a medical staffing agency as a business development manager. When interviewed, she was told about how her associate degree credits will count to her bachelor’s degree, which she wanted to earn after realizing how much it could benefit her career. “I really want to get my bachelors, and it it’s going to be that doable, I can do that!” With our 100% online programs, Tia can earn her bachelor’s degree in less time because of her pre-existing credits and save time and money without having to sacrifice the success she has within her career.

Our degree and diploma programs bring you to your desired career faster, so that you can earn more sooner! Not only that, but when you start with our diploma or associate degree programs, your credits will apply as you move up in our stackable degree programs. In this, you don’t have to commit to attending a four or five year to earn a degree, but rather start in our diploma or associate degree programs that only take between ten to twenty months instead!

American National University is committed to those students looking to become career professionals through our diploma and degree programs.  To learn more about our stackable degree programs, go to Through our High Tech, High Touch approach to your education, you will earn your diploma or degree from the comfort of your own home with the quality of an in-person classroom. To learn more about our online learning atmosphere and how we can help you earn your degree without having to put your life on hold, go to

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