ANU’s Low Tuition Makes Education More Accessible to Students

Higher education can be a transformative experience, but for many, the cost can be a significant barrier. With tuition and living expenses rising in today’s economy, and a scarcity of jobs that could support both, adults are struggling to earn their education in this day and age. At American National University, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their dreams without being burdened by overwhelming debt. We understand that financial stress can overshadow academic potential, which is why we are committed to providing high-quality education at an affordable cost.

Our mission is to make higher education accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial background. Our all-inclusive tuition allows us to help students focus on their studies, personal growth, and skill training rather than worrying about financial constraints. This commitment to affordability is part of our broader dedication to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and supportive learning environment.

Student Successes

Whether you’ve just graduated from high school, have been out of school for a while, work full time, are a parent, or have a million responsibilities to fulfill, ANU makes it easier for our students to earn their education through our lower tuition rates.

  • Ellen Buerdsell: For Ellen, affordable tuition is what drew her to join us for our Medical Billing and Coding program. When researching schools to fit her new career path, ANU stood out to her from everyone else. “ANU was the first one that popped up,” she said of her research, “and they were the most affordable! And I was like, ‘Alright! Let’s give them a try!’ So, it worked out really well… They’re affordable, and easy, and flexible.”
  • Shelbie Ritchie: Shelbie has life-long dreams of being a doctor. To get her foot in the door of the medical field, she applied to ANU to be a medical assistant. Not only were we more affordable to other schools she was considering, but we offered her program all online so she wouldn’t have to spend time and money going to a campus. “The amount that [ANU] cost was lower, but it had more schooling for you. Also, it was completely online, where [other institution], once a week I’d have to go and meet a teacher that was out of the way that I could never reach.”
  • Shane Hurt: Having a family to care for affected Shane’s decision for education greatly. He knew that life didn’t pause just for him to earn his education. “Being a little bit older, having a family, I still have to work. Your bills don’t just go away when you go to nursing school… so I needed somewhere I could still manage to work and be able to pay the bills and allow myself to go to college… It was a perfect fit for me as an older, working adult.”

And not only is our tuition lower, but we work with our military and veteran students to use their benefits to fund their education.

  • Miranda Langford: As a veteran, Miranda was able to use her GI benefits to assist in paying for her education – and she didn’t have to jump through hoops to get it. “It was an easy process. It’s just [ANU] and the VA talking back and forth is what it boils down to basically… [ANU] made it easy, they were understanding.”
  • Donald Collins: The US government was offering the Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program (VRAAP) during the covid pandemic, and Donald Collins utilized those funds to earn his education. “I just made it,” he says regarding the deadline for applications for VRAAP, “I tried to encourage a lot of people to do it – why wouldn’t you?” Our admissions and financial services teams worked to get Donald the funds he was entitled to earn his education.

Support Every Step of the Way

ANU’s financial services team works with every student to come up with a plan to maintain their living while also attending school. From the moment a student enrolls, our financial advisors work closely with them to create a comprehensive financial plan. This includes calculating all potential expenses, such as tuition, books, supplies, housing, and personal costs. By providing personalized guidance and helping students explore various financial aid options, scholarships, and payment plans, our team ensures that every student has a clear understanding of their financial commitments and can make informed decisions about their education without unnecessary stress.

“We pay close attention to the student’s needs, questions, and concerns.  We take pride in our appointments, and we want to make sure the student has a clear understanding of the full process,” says Vice President of Financial Aid services, Beth Overbey. Read more of the process that our teams go through with every student here.

What We Offer

Not only do we offer lower tuition costs, but we have several benefits for our students to utilize during their time at ANU:

  • Most of our programs are 100% online. There are no gas, room and board, or campus fees that you will have to pay for in order to attend ANU. Access us from anywhere you have an internet connection!
  • We have no application fees to any of our programs or degree levels at ANU.
  • Textbooks, learning materials, and graduation fees are all included in the cost of your tuition. You won’t have to spend $400 a term for new textbooks as we include them in your education – all accessible online! Additionally, any material you will need will be shipped directly to you at no extra cost. Lab kits, Oculus VR headsets, and more where applicable to programs have no out of pocket costs to you.
  • We offer scholarships, grants, credit for military training and experience, and more for those who qualify.
  • We have tuition free refresher courses available to every ANU graduate.

The impact of affordable tuition extends far beyond the immediate financial relief it provides. By alleviating the burden of high education costs, we empower our students to focus on what truly matters: their academic pursuits, personal development, and future aspirations. On each academic program page, you’ll find a comparison graphic for our programs with our programs cost and length in comparison to an equal program at another institution. Our commitment to maintaining low tuition fees is a cornerstone of our mission to make quality education attainable for all. We are proud to support our students as they navigate their academic journeys, providing them with the resources and support they need to thrive.

If you’re considering your next steps in education, we invite you to explore the benefits of American National University. Discover how affordable tuition, combined with a supportive learning environment, can help you achieve your dreams and build a bright future.

American National University – Be live, in class, from anywhere.

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