ANU Graduate Perseveres to Complete Her Final Term


Alfreda Patterson will walk across the stage this May to receive her associate’s degree in office technology professional, but to achieve this success she had to overcome her initial apprehension. “After being out of school for 28 years,” admits Alfreda, “it was slightly difficult coming to college.”
Once she began taking courses at the $$Lynchburg Campus, Alfreda found that she enjoyed being in school. She loved the learning environment and made numerous new friends as she bonded with her fellow students in class and around campus, and she became very active in campus activities. 
When the student ambassador program was initiated at the $$Lynchburg Campus, she volunteered and soon became a campus leader. With her warm personality and motivational spirit, she was often asked to speak to classes and at new student orientation. She was always confident and professional as she greeted visitors and guests and frequently volunteered to help out at job fairs, graduation, and campus events.
Just when she was finishing up her final term and preparing to take her final exams to graduate, Alfreda became very ill and spent several days in the hospital in the critical care unit. Three weeks later, she fought back and returned to take her final exams and complete her degree program.
Alfreda now looks toward a brighter future and is appreciative of those who helped encourage her along the way. “As I embark on this new journey, I would like to especially thank [campus director] Bill Baker, my family, and my friends for their support.”
Graduate Alfreda Patterson thrived at the $$Lynchburg Campus in academic, social, and leadership roles.
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