ANU Career Services: The Bridge From Academics to Career Success


“I got the job!”  The news has been shared by thousands of ANU graduates over the last 130 years.  And while the hands-on, career-focused training at ANU is the first step toward a new career, the university level career services that ANU provides is also crucial in helping graduates connect with employers and stand out from the crowd in order to land a job offer.

“Many students think the journey is over once they graduate, and really it’s just begun,” explained Shonny Cooke, ANU’s executive director of career services.  “ANU Career Services can help students bridge the gap between academics and career success. Our career placement specialists provide services that focus on career planning, preparation, and identifying opportunities that relate to our programs of study.”

Studies conducted by the National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE) have shown a clear link between career service utilization and increased graduate employment outcomes, i.e. job placement rates.(1) Thanks to the recent transition to University Career Services, students and graduates will now have even more one-on-one career coaching, and other resources available to them via experienced career placement specialists and the career services portal, ANU CareerConnect.  ANU students and graduates who take advantage of this new level of career services are positioned to compete on a global field.


In addition to providing career services, another vital function of ANU’s Career Services is the tracking and reporting of graduate employment outcomes. Employment verifications provided by graduates ensure that ANU offers the best career education that leads to career success by confirming job placement opportunities and authenticating published placement rates. Career placement and verification specialists contact graduates to initiate the employment verification process, as well as offer career-related assistance to those seeking employment or career advancement.

“Our new platform of comprehensive career services gives students and graduates better access to enhanced services,” Shonny said.  “One of the great things about the new format for University Career Services is the accessibility factor. ANU CareerConnect is available 24/7; students and graduates have access to career-related tools and resources at any time. In addition, we have extended the availability of our career placement specialists for students and graduates.”

Whether students need help with creating a professional résumé, practicing for interviews, or just a confidence boost, ANU’s career placement specialists are there to help, Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m.-7 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.  Career placement specialists are available by phone, through online chat via ANU CareerConnect, or by live video. 

For night owls, or those who prefer to charter their own path to career opportunity, ANU CareerConnect offers job seekers many self-service tools and resources.  There is a Resume Creator, great sample resumes and cover letters, as well as career advice videos.  Students can conduct recordable mock interviews via InterviewStream, “the most revolutionary interview preparation on the planet,” and have them critiqued by a career placement specialist. ANU CareerConnect also boasts an employer directory, access to job search engines such as, and direct job postings from employers seeking to recruit ANU graduates.

With the career coaching, resources, and technology available, Shonny believes that students should take advantage of ANU Career Services and CareerConnect throughout their academic program. “Students should start preparing for that career search or advancement as well as preparing for those successful connections with employers as soon as they get here,” she advised. “It’s never too early.”

Photo: The ANU Career Services team offers their expertise to help students find career success. Pictured left to right:  Shonny Cooke, executive director of career services; and career placement specialists Kitty Walls, Crystal Harrison, and Gwen Johnson.


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