ANU Announces Online Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing Program

NASHVILLE, TENNEESSEE – American National University is proud to announce the new Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, open to Tennessee residents. ANU’s Callista School of Nursing is completely online so working adults don’t have to disrupt their life to earn their degree. Students looking to become a registered nurse can do so in just three years – all from the comfort of their own home! With this new program, students will participate in skills labs, nursing scenarios developed through virtual reality, and learn from career-experienced instructors for a well-rounded education to prepare students for the work force.

This venture into online nursing programs only boosts ANU’s High Tech, High Touch approach to education. ANU provides students with lab equipment and an Oculus Quest 2 All-in-One VR Headset with 256 GB of memory.  Students are sent lab equipment to their homes to replicate experiences students would have at physical campuses. These tools provide students with the hands-on experience they need to learn nursing skills and concepts – all from the comfort of their home! And with clinical partnership sites across the country for externships, students will get the opportunity to put those skills to test in the work force. Along with this, there are no hidden fees. Our tuition is $332 per credit hour with all equipment and textbooks included in that price, and your first NCLEX test attempt is on ANU!

This online bachelor’s of nursing program utilizes UbiSim virtual reality software. This technology allows faculty to customize scenarios in hospital settings so that students learn as they would in actual clinical settings and gain a much deeper understanding than what a textbook could provide. Instructors are able to lead students through any scenario they will face in their nursing career – from taking vitals, administering medicine, bedside manner, and speaking with a patient’s family, among many other skills. The program also does not operate on point-and-click mechanisms, but real-life hand gestures to provide active learning. Every interaction that students perform in these VR scenarios provides them with the experience they need to make their nursing career a reality. Additionally, following these virtual reality classroom experiences, students will participate in clinicals at physical locations, like physician offices, hospitals, and other medical sites.

Along with this, American National University’s Callista School of Nursing proudly bears the name of Sister Callista Roy, a renowned figure in the field of nursing. This esteemed choice is rooted in Sister Callista Roy’s groundbreaking Theory of Adaptation, encapsulated within the Roy Adaptation Model. Our commitment to her legacy is a testament to ANU’s dedication to providing the scholarly excellence, holistic education, and the enduring principles that underpin the field of nursing to our students.

“The decision to name the school after Sister Callista Roy underscores the institution’s commitment to imbuing nursing education with a profound scholarly underpinning,” says ANU Senior Executive Vice President of Operations, Dr. Joel Musgrove, explains. “By embracing the Roy Adaptation Model, nursing students are equipped with a sophisticated toolset to comprehend, maneuver, and adapt to the multifaceted challenges inherent in their educational journey.”

With Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) accreditation and approval from the Tennessee Board of Nursing, students will gain an interactive education to prepare them for the workforce. The future of nursing programs is here and available for ANU students in Tennessee. ANU does online differently. Students receive face-to-face and hands-on education from anywhere they have internet access. To learn more about ANU’s over 130-year history of educating men and women and implementing this history in our innovative eUniversity, go to To learn more about how you can join the next class of nursing students attending online, go to

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