ANU Announces New Faculty

American National University is proud to announce new faculty joining the ever-growing Global Learn™ initiative. Sheri Clark, Sherry Davis, Swati Sharma, and Dr. Umesh Varma join the many that we are proud to have on our team. Read about them below!


Sheri Clark was admitted to the Indiana State Bar to practice law approximately 21 years ago. Her legal experience varies and includes working for the world’s largest real estate investment trust, a small private law firm, and the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office. She also served for 7 years on a legal panel of 3, appointed by the Governor of Indiana to make policy decisions on Labor Law issues. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Education from Ball State University. She earned her Juris Doctorate from Indiana University at the Indianapolis campus.

She has been teaching as an adjunct for approximately 19 years, and in those years, she has taught many diverse courses for both the ground and online divisions of many different colleges and universities. In addition to being an adjunct, she has created college curriculum for half a dozen schools in legal, technical, and business subjects. She served as Operations Manager at a private institution, with an undergraduate/graduate population of approximately 2000 students. At a small college in Texas, she worked as a Criminal Justice Program Director, Paralegal Program Director, and Information Technology Program Director. As a General Education Program Director, she turned the program from one of the most failed programs to one of the most successful programs at the school.

Sheri lives in Greenfield, Indiana with her husband of 24 years, her 19-year-old daughter, and 2 dogs, a 7-year-old jack russell and 1-year-old cocker spaniel. She is looking forward to her new opportunity as full-time teacher with American National University.


Sherry Davis been teaching classes for over 15 years and really enjoys it. She has a background in business, compliance, auditing, coding, billing, and revenue cycle management. With a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Health Care Administration, a Bachelor’s degree is in Health Care Administration with a specialization in Human Resources, and also several certifications from the AAPC, Sherry joins the many faculty we have with a breadth of experience to pass on to her students. She has worked in coding and revenue cycle management for multispecialty practices for over 20 years.

Sherry lives in Ohio with her husband. They have a 22 years-old daughter. They have three dogs: Ginger, a dachshund; Minnie, a St. Bernard; and Oswald, who is also a St. Bernard.



Swati Sharma is committed to students inside the class and in life. She always meets her students with a tremendous positive mind and is ready to help them in all possible ways. Swati Sharma earned a Bachelor of Geography, a Bachelor of Education, a Master of English, a Master of Business Administration, and a Master of Business Administration specializing in Information Technology. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Information Assurance. She has learned skills related to AWS data analysis and has certification in professional Supervision By ICPM.

Her objective in instructing is to cultivate the base of ideas and master abilities to work with further learning and critical thinking. In every one of her courses, she guides students in assessing proof, decisive reasoning, contention improvement, verbal and composed articulation, and the utilization of general standards in novel settings. These abilities will prepare students for a broad scope of requests in future scholarly and real-life locations. She likewise anticipates that her students should accomplish a significant grant in explicit specifics regions, particularly in undergraduate courses wherein course content is straightforwardly pertinent to students’ vocations. To advance the improvement of general reasoning and acquiring abilities, just as work with an agreement to the apparent content, each of her courses is organized around three normal subjects: an emphasis on mental exercises, the advancement of composing abilities, and the content to develop their critical thinking. She believes that student success is created through meaningful relationships.

As a student of the ANU since 2015 and adjunct since 2019, she is fully aware of the principles and workings of the university. Her Ability to develop trusting creative relationships with the students makes a difference. Her strength is her patience, kindness, and personal concern for guiding students from different parts of the world.


Dr. Umesh Varma joins the many among our faculty that make up our Global Learn™ initiative. He has his D.I.A. (Doctor of Information Assurance) – Cybersecurity from the University of Fairfax; a Graduate Certificate –

Cybersecurity Best Practices from University of Fairfax; his M.S. (Computer Science) from Jackson State University; his B.S. (Business Administration) from Western International University; and his B.Sc. (General Sciences) from  Kanpur University, India. Not only is Dr. Varma well experienced in his field, but he’s also earned his terminal degree and certificate from our partner institution, the University of Fairfax, where he also serves on dissertation committees and serves as faculty.Dr. Varma is also our Dean of Information Technology programs. He has a long history of working as faculty and instructor, with history as Senior Adjunct Professor of Cybersecurity Engineering at San Diego University, a Chairman in the Computer Information System Department at Campbell University, and an Adjunct Professor at Webster University at Fort Bragg/Pope AFB, among others. He has taught courses in Undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral courses in Information Technology, Computer Science, CIS, MIS, Cybersecurity, Computer Engineering, and Information Management.

Recently, Dr. Varma has been featured in ANU’s news for recently publishing two papers on writing doctoral dissertations with other ANU faculty members, Dr. Azad Ali and Dr. Shardul Pandya. Click here to read more about these papers and the good work he is doing for the students at ANU and at our partner institution, the University of Fairfax.


American National University is proud to have experienced faculty to connect with and teach our students, strengthening our Global Learn™ initiative. ANU brings the best of our university to you. Be live, in class, from anywhere! Learn more about our eLearning strengths at

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