Royall Chambers

Director of Health Information Technology

Royall C. Walker-Chambers graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in Allied Medical Professions, College of Medicine, from The Ohio State University. Royall’s concentration was in Health Information Management and Systems. Upon graduating, she took her Health Information Administration examination and earned the credentials of R.H.I.A., (Registered Health Information Administrator). She has worked in the health information management industry for the past 15 years with a majority of her experience being on a management level. She has held the position of Director of Health Information departments for various health care facilities ranging from mental health to skilled nursing facilities. Royall was the Director of Operations for an Information System in which she held the largest account for the company throughout the U.S. She also serves as an HIM consultant for several facilities for HIPAA, Survey readiness, and Interim Director. Royall teaches all courses in health information, including coding, management/supervision, health care statistics, healthcare law and ethics. She also serves as director of the health information technology program at the Cleveland Area Campus.

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