American National University Offers Valuable Support to Miller-Motte Students

American National University Offers Valuable Support to Miller-Motte Students
No artificial credit transfer barriers, tuition-free first term, expedited application processing offered

SALEM, Va. – Students at Miller-Motte Technical College, who recently announced their intention to close their Roanoke, Lynchburg, and Clarksville Campuses, have the option of transferring enrollment to the nearby American National University Campus in Salem or Lynchburg, Va., or the National College Campus in Nashville, under special emergency provisions approved by ANU over the weekend.

“Students who were planning to begin their attendance at Miller-Motte on September 11 can instead begin study at American National University, whose fall term also begins September 11,” said Frank Longaker, president of American National University.  “Because there is insufficient time to process financial aid packages for new students who will no longer be able to start classes, we are providing a special grant that covers tuition and fee charges for them for their first term.”

ANU offers a number of programs that mirror those offered by Miller-Motte, though students taking advantage of this one-time offer are free to choose from any of the career-focused programs ANU offers.  During the initial term of enrollment, affected Miller-Motte students would only be responsible for purchasing their textbooks.  Thereafter, they would receive standard financial aid packages for their second and subsequent terms at ANU, including consideration for ANU’s institutional grants and scholarships (amounting to more than $6 million university-wide in 2016-2017) as well as Federal financial aid programs these students may be eligible for.

Prospective Miller-Motte students who will be unable to begin their first term on September 11 should contact the nearest ANU Campus by calling 833.388.1100 immediately to take advantage of this opportunity to begin their studies uninterrupted.

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