American National University Announces Nursing Software with UbiSim Virtual Reality

American National University is proud to announce the new nursing software through UbiSim Virtual Reality. Those students looking to become a nurse can now do so with enhanced skills training and practice that will broaden their understanding across multiple hospital scenarios. Previously, nursing students attending ANU had to attend clinical training through partners of ANU, with the use of UbiSim we can now exceed standard hours of clinical training to further enhance skill development.

The UbiSim Virtual Reality experience will only boost American National University’s High Tech, High Touch™ initiative to provide students with an all-inclusive education. Students will receive lab equipment and an Oculus Quest 2 All-in-One VR Headset that they can utilize at the Pikeville campus. The virtual reality goggles with provide students with an immersive experience where they can develop clinical reasoning, decision making, and communication skills. Along with this, there are no hidden fees with ANU—at $310 per credit hour with all equipment and textbooks needed within that price, and this includes bootcamped training for the NCLEXRN.

“At American National University, virtual reality simulation is incorporated into the nursing curriculum,” says Dean of Nursing, Dr. Marie-Bernard Lazare. “Using the Oculus VR system along with an innovative virtual simulation platform, the students are immersed in a variety of clinical scenarios that take place in a less intimidating environment, which is more conducive to learning. The faculty and students are excited about using VR and look forward to what comes next.”

The UbiSim VR implementation to ANU’s nursing curriculum revolutionizes the way students can learn. The technology allows faculty to customize scenarios in hospital settings so that students learn as they would in actual clinical setting, and gain a much deeper understanding than what a textbook could provide. Students will learn everything they would need—such as interacting with patients and their families, taking vitals, and administering medicine, among many other experiences. The program also does not operate on point-and-click mechanisms, but real-life hand gestures to provide active learning. Every interaction that students perform in these VR scenarios provides them with the experience they need to make their nursing career a reality.

The future of nursing education is here, and American National University is proud to offer students the opportunity to learn in this high-tech platform. ANU does online differently.  Students receive live face-to-face instruction from anywhere they can access the internet and in-person instruction in Pikeville for skills training. To learn more about ANU’s over 136-year history of educating men and women and implementing this history in our innovative eUniversity, go to

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