Advantages of a small college


Bigger is not always better. Smaller colleges offer some advantages that students at larger schools don’t get.

Here are some of the advantages of a small college, as outlined in U.S. News.

Smaller class sizes: Smaller colleges have smaller classes, meaning students receive more one-on-one attention from the instructors. According to the U.S. News Article, two thirds of classes at most small colleges (those under 5,000 students) have 20 students or fewer.

Your teacher is qualified: Large colleges may stick you in a class taught by a teacher’s assistant. At a small college, your class is usually taught by the professor himself.

More freedom: You might get to design your own programs, instead of sticking to the course list a department determines for you. You may have more ability to rise through the ranks at extra-circular activities too. A smaller pool of participants might make you run for that office or try out for the lead in that play, feats you may not have attempted at larger schools.

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