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ANU Students Transferring

ANU Students Transferring to Partner Institutions

Congratulations on completion of your degree at American National University!

ANU Online offers several bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for our graduates from our associate’s degree programs. Ask your campus today about the availability of seamlessly transitioning your current degree into a bachelor’s and master’s online at ANU.

If you aren’t finding the bachelor’s or master’s degree you were looking for at ANU, ANU has worked with the following universities for our students to receive admissions to these institutions’ programs* and applicable credit transfer from your past program to your enrollment at their university:

Call us today at 833.388.1100 if you have any questions! We look forward to working with you on taking the next step in your educational and career goals.

* ANU Graduates transferring to partner institutions must have successfully graduated with a degree from ANU and fulfill the admissions requirements for the partner institution’s program for automatic acceptance. Credit transfer will vary depending on the student’s program and the receiving institution

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