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Transfer Students

Transfer Students

Incoming Transfer Students

Welcome to American National University! One of American National University’s goals as a higher-educational institution is to provide students with seamless transitions in advancing their education to new levels. We do this in a variety of ways:

  • Our “Stackable Programs” where each of our degrees feeds into the next degree level, from our diploma and certificate programs all the way to our graduate degrees.
  • And through our Academic Partnerships Agreements with other higher-educational institutions across the country. Academic Partnership Agreements allow students, such as yourself, to maximize their degree potential and further their career goals. They remove roadblocks to credit transfer and admissions into programs and allow you to easily move to the next degree level at American National University

To learn more about how you can seamlessly transfer into a program that fits you, speak with an American National University representative today and find out where you could be reducing the time and costs to your degree – (888) 410-6109.


The University Transfer Scholarship is designed to enhance collaboration between educational institutions and facilitate continued higher education for international students. It is offered to students from Universities and Colleges or an English as a Second Language program within the United States with whom American National University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding and certain Program Agreements as needed (for academic institutions) and international F–1 students who transfer from United States institutions. The Program agreements may either relate to joint programs or to the acceptance of academic credits earned in certain other specific eligible programs.

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