Achieving the Dream Career in Nursing

Regina Goodman had successful jobs in retail but wanted to pursue a career with more job security. She always had an appreciation for the healthcare field and decided it would be the right career path for her. “I loved the medical field in general,” she stated. “I loved the job security and helping people and just everything about the healthcare field.”

While pursuing her new career path, Regina was an employee for American National University and attended a nursing program at another local university. She didn’t find the other university to be a good fit and knew she wanted something different in her program. She said, “The more I learned about [ANU] as I worked here, the more I knew I eventually wanted to enter the nursing program here.” After some encouragement from her co-workers, and a determination to pursue the career she always wanted, she decided to enroll in ANU’s Nursing program.

After Regina earned her associates with us, she took a break for six months, then decided to continue her education with our RN to BSN program. With a bachelor’s degree, she found that it would open her up to more job opportunities anywhere she wanted to go.

Regina loved that our RN to BSN program was 100% online, which made it easier for her to fit her education into her schedule. “It’s great. I work the nights,” she says, “so while everyone else is asleep at home and I’m not working, I can get online and get a bunch of work done.” Our online programs and continuous terms help students develop a schedule that works for them and helps them keep it up. When talking about using Canvas for her classes, she said, “it’s very cut and dry… eBooks are easy to navigate.” After she set up her routine, she found it was easier to keep up with at ANU. “I love the 10-week format,” she states. “The constant breaks keep you into the routine.”

Regina believes that ANU is a great school. “Some new students might be overwhelmed when they first see everything,” she candidly explains. She continues, “but if you write a to do list at the beginning of every week and check it off, it’s really not too bad.”


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