Accounting Could Be Your Next Exciting Career!

These days, accounting jobs are riddled with stereotypes of being nerdy, boring, and no-fun. However, that could not be further from the truth! Not only could you have a successful, productive career, but you can find fun and exciting ventures. Accounting professionals are trying to teach the world that their jobs are more than their stigmas. American National University’s Business Administration Accounting degree programs can help you on your journey to finding a new, exciting career with all-inclusive tuition and 100% online accelerated programs. Earn your degree from the comfort of your own home while saving time and money so that you can be on your way to your career sooner!

With ANU’s all-inclusive undergraduate tuitions, you can earn an associate or bachelor’s degree sooner than you would at a synchronous college – for less! We have new terms starting every 6-7 weeks so that you can earn your associate degree in just 20 months, or a bachelor’s degree in just 38 months – almost a whole year ahead of students at other schools. You can have an accounting degree for less and sooner so that you can fast-track your career in an exciting field. Any textbooks or materials you need to be successful are included in your tuition, and you won’t have to worry about fees like room and board, parking passes, or technology fees because you will access ANU from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Upon completing your degree program at ANU, you can find many opportunities in the accounting field that are far from nerdy or boring. With how much technology has evolved, the math crunching that many people associate with the “boring” aspects of accounting are now automated – and that allows you to focus on the fun aspects of accounting. You could help businesses make their big financial decisions and be instrumental in developing new ideas and structures. You could also become a puzzle-solver in ways to defend business or people from fraud. Or you could even find yourself working with celebrities and brands in managing their money and financial decisions! Not only that, but you could also create your own business – and at ANU, you can gain the skills that you’ll need to make your own success!

So why should you choose accounting as your next career and education choice? It’s simple: it can produce stable, fulfilling careers, allow you to work however and for whoever you want, and it helps you build skills that attract any employer. Accounting has been around for a long time – even dating back as early as the 13th century – and it’s not going anywhere because there will always be a need for business and those who can develop them. Not only that, but as previously mentioned, you can do a lot with accounting – if you want to be your own boss, or work with your favorite influencer or organization, or if you like to decode puzzles, then accounting can be your ticket to your next favorite career. And since accountants are essential to any business, you can find a need for them anywhere in the country. ANU will give you connections to peers who come from around the world, along with professional networks that your instructors can provide to you. Recent ANU graduate, Gaby Anes, said it best: ““I had people in my classes from Kenya, India, and China and Latin America, and that brings diversity of thought to the table…the experience and the networking that I created there was also fantastic.” The skills you learn at ANU, like tax and cost accounting or general problem-solving for major business, can increase your marketability to employers from any business. Your options broaden when you decide to earn your education in accounting at ANU.

Destroy the stigma! Earn your education in Business Administration Accounting at American National University and show everyone the new kinds of exciting career prospects you have once you gain the skills every business and employer want. No longer tie yourself to the idea that you’ll simply be crunching numbers in a lonely cubicle – you’ll truly be working collaboratively with many others in your career to find exciting new financial decisions, solving puzzles, and becoming a leading professional in the world of business. To learn more about our accounting programs, go to or! Start an exciting new career sooner with ANU.

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