Accounting Career Adds Up To Success For ANU Graduate


Tax season at Davis & Hylton Accounting and Tax Service is keeping ANU $$Richmond Campus graduate Tiffany McKinley extremely busy. Tiffany, who graduated from the business administration-management program at ANU, wears many hats in the office, working as a tax and accounting assistant and as the assistant office manager.— 

Tiffany was hired by Davis & Hylton when Kandi Hylton, a partner in the firm, contacted ANU career center director Cynthia Hansel to find qualified job applicants for the position.

“We hired Tiffany for a multitude of reasons: her education from ANU, since it focuses mainly on business classes, including a class on QuickBooks; her personality; her eagerness to learn new processes; and her reference from Cynthia Hansel,” Ms. Hylton explained. “Since we hired Tiffany, she has shown a willingness and excitement to learn.  We have not been disappointed in our decision.”


“As for working with ANU and Cynthia Hansel, it was a very pleasant and rewarding experience,” Ms. Hylton added. “She referred candidates to us who exemplified complete professionalism. We will seek candidates again from ANU in the future, as our firm grows.”

[img]Tiffany feels proud that her hard work at ANU has put her on the path to career success. “I was working odd-and-end jobs and wasn’t making enough money. I wanted to go to National to make a better life for my son,” she recalled. “I’m using the skills that I learned in all of my accounting classes. [My degree] has made a shield for me and my son to succeed in life.”

She also feels very blessed to be a part of the great staff at Davis & Hylton. “Honestly, my favorite part of my job is the people I work with,” Tiffany shared. “They have become a family to me.”

A.-Tiffany McKinley came to ANU to help create a better future for herself and her son.

B.-Tiffany (center) is pictured with Kandi Hylton (left) and Steve Davis (right), partners at Davis & Hylton Accounting and Tax Service, PLLC.

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