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ANU Name Change FAQs

Why is National College changing its name to American National University?

In accordance with the strategic vision for American National University set forth in Evolution 2086, all Indiana campuses of National College plan to make the transition to American National University during the spring/summer of 2015.

American recognizes our role as a leading American institution for career-focused education for students from around the world;
National acknowledges our historical name and nationwide reputation; and
University represents our status as a graduate-level institution offering diverse academic, online, international, ESL, and corporate training programs.

What is the difference between a college and a university?

Colleges generally offer undergraduate programs while universities offer both undergraduate and graduate programs. In addition to the Master of Business Administration program that is available at the Indianapolis Campus, additional graduate level programs are available through ANU Online.

What are the benefits of the change to university status?

The benefits of this change to our students are a reflection of the benefits we have been offering since 1886. We will continue to stay on top of the latest trends in the workforce to offer career-training programs in high demand fields; our programs will continue to be taught by instructors who have practical knowledge and experience working in the fields they are teaching; and the class sizes will remain small so instructors can offer one-on-one attention to the students when needed. Even though the name is changing, our 129-year tradition of educating students for full lives and successful careers will remain the same.

Has the College merged with another institution?

No; the College has not merged with another institution. We have evolved.

Will students have to pay higher tuition?

No; the tuition has not changed. Even though the name change elevates us to a University-level status, the tuition will continue to offer a competitive rate for your quality education. Indeed, the college has committed to keep tuition costs fixed at current levels through the end of June, 2016.

Will my degree/diploma say ANU or NC?

All diplomas presented at the spring 2015 commencement ceremonies in Indiana will say “American National University.”

Will my campus get new programs?

Just as we always have, American National University will continuously evaluate the workforce demands. While continuing to focus on the fundamentals of business, computers, and health care, we will expand our offerings in developing fields. We will continue our leadership in health informatics, offering bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in this important field. And we will continue to pursue programmatic accreditation in those fields for which such accreditation is essential as we do for current programs. In general, most new programs at the associate’s degree level will be offered at all campuses, while bachelor’s and higher programs will be offered online.

Will the name change impact the small class sizes and close relationships with instructors we enjoy?

No; although the number of program options will increase, our class sizes are not expected to grow.

Will the name change alter my student loans in any way?

No; student loans and financial aid processing will not change.

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