A Personal Degree: An Administrative Medical Assistant Story

From manufacturing custom, luxury power boats for twenty-four years in 2011 to working in an orthopedic office in 2022, ANU gave Kevin Grant choice through education.

Once he was laid off in 2011, Kevin enrolled at ANU, National College in Fort Wayne, Indiana as it was known when he attended, to gain a diploma in administrative medical assisting. And in 2013, he decided to come back to ANU to get his associate degree in administrative medical assisting. Since graduation in 2015, Kevin has mostly been working in urgent care centers, and is soon moving on to a position in an orthopedic office at ONE, Orthopedics Northeast. He spends his spare time volunteering at a medical clinic for those in need at 85 Hope Free Medical Clinic.

Now, as he works in urgent care, and soon to be orthopedic office, Kevin says he enjoys working with patients the most. “I get to meet a variety of people, just talking to everybody and getting to know them,” he says. “When they come back next week, I get to know a little bit more about them, it’s nice. A whole lot more fun that the manufacturing I used to do.”

Kevin fondly recalls his time at American National University for the support he received from his instructors. “In the smaller classes, you get one step farther because there is a little bit more detail,” he says. “You can ask a lot of questions and get that one on one.” Kevin says he wanted to attend a smaller school so that he could spend the time he needed with his instructors to support his education. “A lot of the instructors were very experienced in their field and that really helped out,” he says. “One of my instructors had been a medical assistant for fifteen years, he really knew the ins and outs.”

In his future, Kevin wants to go back to school to get into healthcare management. “I wouldn’t mind getting in and actually being a manager of a clinic,” he says. “I know ANU has the program, and I can do them online.

For prospective students looking to get into school, Kevin says, “if I can do it, anyone can do it.”

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