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Dickson Lutanjuka’s Experience with ANU


Dickson Samuel Lutanjuka, an international student hailing from Tanzania, brings a global perspective to his studies while residing in Houston, Texas. Currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Information Technology at American National University, Dickson’s journey into higher education was sparked by the enthusiastic recommendation of a friend. His experience at ANU showcases the transformative power of education across borders and the pursuit of excellence in the field of technology. With his hard work and dedication to his studies, he earned himself the title of Term Trailblazer for term 240!

His decision to join us was influenced by his friend’s glowing descriptions of our innovative approach to online education, which includes a unique four-day residency to meet visa obligations. Not only that, but “the school fee was not too expensive compared to other colleges.” When he applied, Dickson learned how helpful our staff was to his application process.

“[My admissions representative] was helping me a lot, the process, every stage, every step. It was very easy, to be honest, on my side… the process was good,” he explains.

He goes on to describe how easy it was to submit all of his required documents. When he was approved and got his acceptance letter, he began to pay his tuition, and “that was it!” While he is not currently using Curriculum Practicum Training (CPT) as part of his international student benefits, he is thankful he has the opportunity to with ANU. “Once you have your job letter, everything goes so smooth,” he says of working with the international team.

Dickson enjoys being able to travel to campus for his residency days. For four days, he gets to sit with other international ANU students and get to know his peers, all while fulfilling his visa requirements. “To be honest, I do enjoy [it] – it’s special when we travel to attend our residency class. It’s one of the best experience[s] with other students,” he says.

“When I know I am coming to Virginia, I am always prepared and excited. The atmosphere of meeting other students, it’s exchanging different ideas because they are coming from different parts of the world.”

He encourages other international students to apply because he and other students are having “the best experience.” He also explains that the staff on campus are great in what they do. “They support us. Sometimes we are late, and we explain – they are so friendly. They work as a team, they make sure everything we want is there. So I want to appreciate them too.”

Dickson’s Family

In regard to his program, Dickson thinks it is setting him up success in his career. “The program is very good, you know when you’re taking master’s, it’s advanced levels. It gives me time to [learn] my materials because an instructor is not breaking down everything. They give you the assignments, which gives you an opportunity to read stuff in detail and get more understanding,” he explains. He says he can see himself working in the field once he graduates. “Sometimes it’s up to the student, if you want to change, then you to go. It’s very fair. You follow the rules, you follow the [course pace], then you get the mastery parts.”

He enjoys his program especially because of the way his professors challenge him. “I do like our instructors, they have shaped me in the way you have to follow the formats, like APA style. The advancements, when they begin, it was a little bit challenging, but thank God, because I use that as an opportunity. And I keep improving, so I could tell, right now, I am doing better. Maybe this is one of the reasons I scored high,” he laughs. Dr. Shardul Pandya, who nominated Dickson for his Term Trailblazer title, impresses Dickson every day, “he’s very fair.” Overall, all of his professors “did a good job” in his eyes. “Every time they put corrections on my assignments, I do [those] corrections and work on it. And I see the results.”

After he graduates, he wants to jump into his career field. He wants to “apply all the knowledge I have acquired from this college.” He said he is ready to jump in, but he is flexible in keeping his options open to his career and education.

“I don’t see myself going to other colleges… this is my home.”

Dickson’s Family

Would he recommend ANU to others? “Yes… actually I am recommending and am working with one of my relatives. I am trying to help them get to this college!” He would recommend ANU because of our scheduling. “The way that the education is being provided to us, it’s flexible. It gives you time to do other stuff as well… like if you wanted to work, you could still work and still have time to accomplish your tasks.” Another reason he recommends ANU to anyone else is because of our tuition rates, “it’s very fair!”

His advice to new ANU students: “Try to arrange your schedule, your timetable. Give enough time before due dates. And that’s it! It’s not something that’s too much, it’s just the matter of arranging your schedule. Set time to do your assignments and set time to do your own activities.”  He also says it is important to “just enjoy it!”

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