8th Annual Healthy Fun Fair Continues Tradition of Giving Back to Community


Celebrating its 8th year as one of the most unique health fairs in the country, the $$Pikeville Campus’s Healthy Fun Fair was held on July 30, attracting well over 1,000 attendees– from families with small children to senior citizens– who return year after year for the free health screenings, wellness information, interactive safety demonstrations, and carnival games and food that make the event so popular.—  

Thanks to the continuing partnership of a number of area medical providers, including Pikeville Medical Center, Highland Regional Medical Center, Dr. Scott Akers, and Dr. Hager of Hager & Associates, this year’s event was bigger and better than ever and offered several new features, including the Incredible Colon, a giant walk-through colon with educational exhibits, and an appearance by ANU mascot Eddie the Eagle. The mock disaster, a crowd favorite, returned this year portraying a simulated school bus accident, which highlighted the life-saving work of first responders in the community.


It was local mom Dena Snodgrass’s first time attending the Healthy Fun Fair, but judging by her enthusiasm for the event it won’t be her last. “I think this is awesome. It’s so convenient,” she said, adding that she had saved well over one hundred dollars by taking advantage of the free school physical and vision screening for her daughter, who will be entering kindergarten this year.

[img]The health fair also serves as an opportunity for students from the medical programs at ANU to give back to the community by using their medical skills. After seeing the students working side-by-side with the medical professionals, Dena was also inspired to get more information about the programs offered at ANU. “I myself would probably like the phlebotomy,” she stated. “You can get a job anywhere with that in a doctor’s office or lab or hospital. There’s always a need for something in the medical field, and it’s always going to be there.”

Speaking on a live radio remote with Eastern Kentucky Broadcasting during the Healthy Fun Fair, State Representative Chris Harris spoke on the importance of education to the community. “Education—whether it’s early childhood development, high school, college, advanced degrees–that’s the way for us to move beyond some of the systemic problems that we face here in Appalachia,” he said.  He also commended ANU and the medical professionals for the service that they provide to the community during the Healthy Fun Fair. “It’s great to see the college here getting involved in the community. There are a lot of people that we owe a lot of gratitude and thanks for participating in what’s going on here today.”

A- The mock disaster and rescue element has become a trademark of the Healthy Fun Fair. This year, first responders demonstrated how they would handle a school bus-related accident during the simulated disaster.

B- The Healthy Fun Fair offers something for everyone in the community, from free health checks to games and prizes.

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