4 Reasons Why You Need to Do a Mock Interview

You have career training, natural abilities, and a great attitude. Now it’s time to find a job that will match your skills and enthusiasm. But how are you going to ace the interview to get the job? With practice! Mock interviews are essential tools in your job interview preparation.

Mock Interviews are Perfect Practice

The more you practice the various scenarios you could encounter on a job interview, the more you will be prepared. You’ll be able to show off all the research you’ve done on the company because you’ll know the information inside and out. Instead of being startled by unusual job interview questions, you’ll have an answer ready because you’ll already have heard them (or one like it)during the mock interview. You will also have plenty of time to practice consistent eye contact and positive body language, as well as display confidence and enthusiasm.

“Mock interviews are like study sessions that build your ability to perform well and boost your confidence.”

You’ll Feel Less Stressed After Mock Interview Questions

Job interviews are nerve-wracking and stress-inducing. Under pressure, it’s a lot harder to present your best self! There are several tricks to help you calm your nerves, but none will serve you as well as solid knowledge, preparation, and practice. Mock interviews give you the opportunity to shake out those jitters during several practice runs.

Career Specialists Provide Critical Feedback after a Mock Interview

When you role play with someone who understands you, the position you want, and the industry you hope to enter, you can receive helpful feedback about what you’re doing right – and wrong. Take that feedback and hone your interview skills. Mock interviews with trained career specialists can be particularly valuable because they can give you tips on what hiring professionals in your field may be looking for, ways you can prepare, how to handle your nerves, and best practices in following-up after an interview.

Mock Interviews Boost Your Confidence

Have you ever done well on an exam because you knew the material? Mock interviews are like study sessions that build your ability to perform well and boost your confidence. Studies suggest that the power of positive thinking and self-confidence help applicants do better in interviews.1

At American National University, we know that mock interviews give you the experience, practice, and feedback that will help you do well in a real interview. That’s why our Career Services department offers live mock video interviews with a career placement specialist who can give valuable career advice to all students and graduates. If you are looking to start a new career or advance in your current field, we have certificate, diploma, and degree programs in business, healthcare, and information technology. Which one is right for your future? Call us today at 833-388-1100 to find out more now.


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