3 Healthcare Careers that Take Less Than 2 Years

Get Started on Your Healthcare Careers with Accelerated Programs

Looking for a college education, but also in a hurry to get into the workforce?  At American National University, our accelerated programs and progressive learning format can get you started on your degree AND get you into the workforce sooner.  Start with one of our diploma programs, earn essential certifications to get you hired, then continue to earn your associate’sbachelor’s, and even master’s degrees throughout your career with our integrated programs.

Healthcare Careers that Take 2 Years

  • Phlebotomist/ECG Technician:  A phlebotomist draws blood for tests, treatments, and procedures. An ECG technician uses special medical equipment to record the electrical impulses of the heart so physicians can diagnose medical conditions related to the heart and circulatory system.
  • Medical Billing & Coding Specialist:  Record and maintain administrative data for a medical office and assign codes to diagnoses and procedures in an electronic medical record.
  • Pharmacy Technician:  Record prescription information, fill prescriptions, and organize and maintain a pharmacy’s inventory.

Online Healthcare Degree Programs

All three healthcare degree programs are available 100% online. The externships for phlebotomy and pharmacy technician do require an on-site externship.

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