Month: July 2023

Commitment to His Studies

July 18, 2023
Commitment to His Studies: Donald Collins’ Story with ANU As a veteran, Donald Collins wanted to pursue his education after struggling with an injury and being unemployed. With friends of...

Success and Determination

July 11, 2023
Success and Determination: Teona Tillman’s Story with ANU Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Teona Tillman is a businesswoman looking to make a change in the world around her. Growing...

Learning for Life

July 11, 2023
Learning for Life: Ellen Fuhrken’s Time at ANU After saving a dog falling from an exam table and gaining a back injury in the process, Ellen Fuhrken needed a career...

How Managers Affect Company Culture

July 7, 2023
Written in collaboration with ANU’s Dean of Business, Dr. Lyndsey Obringer. The environment in our workplace can make or break even the best jobs for employees. For the Great Resignation,...
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