Month: April 2023


April 28, 2023
Let’s Talk About… SMART Goals Earning your diploma for higher education is a great feat for many people. The majority of the students that join ANU’s eLearning platform are working...

Pursuing Passion as a Paralegal

April 27, 2023
Pursuing Passion as a Paralegal: Ashley Edmond’s Testimonial When it comes to higher education, Ashley Edmond is no stranger. Ashley earned her master’s in human resource management at another university...

The Flexibility of Her Accounting Program

April 25, 2023
The Flexibility of Her Accounting Program: Jessica Fagan’s Time at ANU Between three children, going to school, and supporting her husband in the military, current student Jessica Fagan is no...

Education at Any Age

April 18, 2023
Education at Any Age: Amanda Hanawahine McKeague’s Time at ANU Earning your higher education has no time limit, and for current student, Amanda Hanawahine McKeague, that reigns true. The time...

Why You Should Attend Your Online Graduation Ceremony

April 14, 2023
Let’s Talk About… Why You Should Attend Your Online Graduation Ceremony When attending a college or university online, students question if or how a graduation ceremony will work when they...

The Hart of Business Management

April 4, 2023
The Hart of Business Management: Ashley’s Success at ANU Ashley Hart represents many students who join the ranks of American National University to earn their college degree. Her first experience...
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