Month: January 2023

Unplugging from Digital Distractions

January 20, 2023
Let’s Talk About… Unplugging from Digital Distractions As our world continues to develop new technologies, we become more and more plugged into a digital life than the one we are...

A Varney Legacy: Matt and David’s Advances with ANU’s Education

January 12, 2023
Matt Culpepper started his career in construction at Varney, Inc., a respected industrial and commercial electrical contractor based in Roanoke, Virginia. After years of hard labor, Matt worked his way...

Becoming a Health Information Management Specialist from Home: Jennifer’s Experience at ANU

January 5, 2023
When the Covid pandemic shut down most of the world, Jennifer Kojro found herself in many people’s shoes. She was laid off by her company after 15 years, without previous...
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