Month: February 2020

How to Start Your Digital Media Career in Business

February 4, 2020
How to Get Started in a Digital Media Career in Business Digital media touches virtually every business and industry today. If you use a computer, listen to music on your...

4 Reasons Why You Need to Do a Mock Interview

February 4, 2020
You have career training, natural abilities, and a great attitude. Now it’s time to find a job that will match your skills and enthusiasm. But how are you going to ace...

5 Reasons Technology Is Important to Business

February 4, 2020
Why Technology is so Important to Business There are very few businesses that can exist today without technology. From the computerized sales systems in local stores to the supercomputers that...

3 Healthcare Careers that Take Less Than 2 Years

February 4, 2020
Get Started on Your Healthcare Careers with Accelerated Programs Looking for a college education, but also in a hurry to get into the workforce?  At American National University, our accelerated...
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