Month: September 2015

Returning to School: Challenge Accepted

By: admin
September 28, 2015
“I wouldn't be able to do what I'm doing now without my education. I'm doing something I enjoy.”

Networking with Instructor Leads to Externship and Employment for Student

By: admin
September 22, 2015
“We needed someone with the expertise that Cindy has shown us that she has. We're just so glad she's here.”

Program Director Instrumental to Surgical Technologist’s Successful Career

By: admin
September 8, 2015
“I've always liked the medical field, and now that I have the opportunity to work as a scrub tech, I can save lives.”

ANU: Preparing Graduates for In-Demand Jobs

By: admin
September 1, 2015
"The industry is calling for people with the right skill set and right expertise, and we are responding to that call by developing these kind of curricula for students."
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