Month: September 2014

Campus Holds Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting for New Location

September 29, 2014
“I was 50 years old when I finally graduated from college, and that's the story of people that come to an institution like this. They're working. They have families. They...

What You Should Be Doing on LinkedIn Every Month, Week, and Day

September 26, 2014
You need to be on LinkedIn... It doesn't have to take a lot of effort.

From Coal Miner to Registered Nurse

September 22, 2014
“You don't have a fighting chance without an education.”

Sarver Tadjikhodjayev “Sam” – Building His Dream

September 22, 2014
"That's why I decided to go for this major - because I wanted more knowledge and experience in this field to run my business

How to Match Your Qualifications to a Job Description

September 15, 2014
Tips for Matching Your Resume and Cover Letters to Jobs

Intelligence Plus Character Equals Success For Graduate

September 15, 2014
“Knowledge is power.”

Certified Nursing Assistant Seeks and Finds Her Challenge at ANU

September 8, 2014
“It gave me the opportunity [to get my degree] while taking care of my kids."

Pikeville Campus Healthy Fun Fair Receives Community Service Award

September 2, 2014
“This event, as well as what we do, reaches out to all.”
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